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Green Zebra Jasper Tower [PICK YOUR FAVORITE]

Green Zebra Jasper Tower [PICK YOUR FAVORITE]

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Introducing our magical intention perfumes, crafted to help you manifest your desires and attract all good things into your life.

  1. Love Potion: Infused with the sweet scent of raspberries and energized with the loving vibrations of Strawberry Quartz, our Love perfume is designed to open your heart and attract love into your life. Wear it with the intention to manifest deep connections, affection, and romance.

  2. Abundance Elixir: Experience the abundance of the universe with our Abundance Elixir. Scented with refreshing aloe and melon, and energized with the prosperous energies of Green Aventurine, this perfume is crafted to attract wealth, success, and opportunities. Wear it with the intention to manifest prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.

  3. Protection Charm: Our Protection Charm perfume is designed to shield you from negative energies and keep you safe. With soothing lavender and warm vanilla scents, and energized with the protective properties of Obsidian, this perfume creates a powerful shield around you. Wear it with the intention to ward off negativity, and to feel safe and secure wherever you go.

Each of our magical intention perfumes is meant to be worn with mindfulness and intention, helping you to manifest all the good things that the universe has to offer.

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