Carnelian + Red Jasper | Adjustable Handmade Bracelet

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This listing is for (1) Carnelian + Red Jasper | Adjustable Handmade Bracelet

Size: 6.5" to 9"

Each crystal is unique and may have natural imperfections, slightly different colors and patterns. Please be aware all photographs are taken under light and colors may show differently on different devices.

Carnelian & Red Jasper properties:

Carnelian is a mineral of the chalcedony family, known for its vibrant energy and metaphysical properties. Carnelian is renowned for its symbolic meanings of warmth, strength, courage and creativity as well as healing properties such as emotional balance and physical health.

Red Jasper is a powerful and protective stone with many healing properties that have been revered for centuries. It has the potential to offer physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits such as balancing energy, reducing anxiety, improving focus & relationships.

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