Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

 Tips for your Sterling Silver Jewelry


1- Always store sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place away from any moisture or DO NOT BATH IN IT OR WASH YOUR HANDS WHILE USING THE RINGS. Some people may want to store their jewelry in the bathroom so they remember to put it on every day, but the moisture from the shower can make jewelry tarnish more quickly. Instead, store it in a safe place outside of the bathroom. 



2- Store sterling silver jewelry in a jewelry bag or a jewelry box. A box lined with velvet or other soft material serves two purposes: helps absorb excess moisture before it tarnishes your jewelry and it separates your pieces. 



3- Store sterling silver jewelry away from other pieces. This reduces the risk of scratches, damages, and tarnishing. Sterling silver can react with other metals and tarnish faster. 



4- Store sterling silver jewelry anti-tarnish strips. Storing jewelry in their bag with anti-tarnish strips (pieces of paper that accompany jewelry) can help to reduce tarnish and keep jewelry looking vibrant longer. 



5- Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When learning how to take care of your sterling silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, be sure to avoid harsh chemicals, as these can react with the metal and make it tarnish. This includes chemicals often found in:

  • Lotions

  • Self-tanners

  • Shampoos and conditioners

  • Body washes 

  • Hand soaps

  • Hand sanitizers

  • Dish soaps

  • Perfumes

  • Pools

  • Hot tubs