My name is Sinead Rosario, and i am your Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) & Certified Sound Healer in your journey.

Crystals are amazing gifts that our mother earth gave us. They are beautiful, colorful, shiny, and full of healing cosmic energy.

It is my passion and pleasure to bring you the most beautiful selection of quartz crystals you will find.

For decoration, for healing, for spirituality... or just because you want to get one, LuNatura Crystals will be there to help you find that special piece you need. 

If you have any questions or comments, just write us an email or contact us through our social media.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram as @lunaturacrystals We also do weekly LIVES each saturday at 5:30pm (Puerto Rico time) on facebook, we invite you to participate! We talk spanish and english.